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Sometimes, your commercial space may require a little more than a defit or a strip out, you may be seeking the complete demolition of your property or retail space. While strip outs and defits are designed to facilitate a transition of lease from one holder to the other, the demolition service is needed when the property (or room within the property) is no longer in your plans for the future.

Our specialised demolitions service typically extends to small commercial spaces, from small offices to cafes, warehouses, factories, restaurants and store fronts. No matter the size or scope, Sydney Defit can clear or demolish a variety of commercial spaces throughout the entirety of the city.

Our demolition procedure is based upon a simple three stage process:

  1.  Site clearing and waste removal – Clearing out the area and removing any materials likely to cause harm to demolition experts or any other individuals (Such materials generally include electrical wires, flammable items and more).
  2. Disconnecting any existing utilities in the area and conducting a rodent baiting process to remove unwanted pests and vermin.
  3. Commencing a safe and considered demolition of the area – Ensuring safety protocols and guidelines are adhered to at all times.

All demolition works undertaken by Sydney Defit will be delivered on time and on budget. If you require any further information or wish to obtain a free demolition quote, contact our team at Sydney Defit today!

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Cold or Warm Shell Service

Depending on your situation, our demolition team offer both a cold or warm shell outcome. Effectively, this means that we can remove all aspects to return the space ‘back to base’, or alternatively, put in place the conditions appropriate to facilitate construction of a new retail, restaurant or office fit out.

Cold Shell outcome

This demolition model is essentially undertaken to remove all aspects of the room in order to empty the entire area. The Sydney Defit crewSydney Defit – Demolition, Commercial Strip Out & Make Good Service can administer this approach as a means to return your commercial space to the state in which you first undertook a lease of the property. A cold shell outcome is ideal for clients seeking to remove any remnants of their own operation whilst still facilitating a smooth open slate transition for the next tenant.

Warm shell outcome

If you wish to start from scratch, however, a warm shell approach may be required. Whether you are setting up the space for the upcoming tenants or seeking to undertake a full scale renovation, the Sydney Defit crew are well equipped to handle all of your needs. This approach is highly recommended for any business owner seeking to implement a new fit out or completely overhaul their room, restaurant, shopfront or office.

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Helping businesses ‘make good’ every day.
Beyond our citywide coverage and affordable rates, Sydney Defits demolition crews boast significant experience with an array of different commercial settings. Operating for many years, our staff possess intricate knowledge of the requirements for demolition in small spaces. Stretching from calmly handling safety concerns to carrying out the demolition in a carefully planned 3 stage process, our fully insured demolition crews truly understand the ins and outs of everything involved. We work closely with each client to determine the proper course of action, offering upfront quotes and a transparent process throughout.

Fully Covered and Insured

All demolition work carried out by Sydney Defit comes fully insured and covered with total compliance to all of the current industry regulations, guidelines and protocols. We prioritise the safety of both our staff and yours, ensuring that all processes are undertake with state of the art tools and methodology. Should any changes be made to industry practice and regulation, Sydney Defit staff are constantly reminded and subsequently trained in prompt fashion.

Helping businesses
‘make good’ every day

Kitchen, Bathroom and Residential Demolitions

Like business environments, kitchens, bathrooms and other residential spaces require the very same professional touch of professional demolition crews. Beyond our well renowned commercial capacity, Sydney Defit also specialise in small scale demolitions for residential properties.

This includes small rooms, bathrooms, studies, kitchens and more. Whether you require a complete removal of the space or you wish to renovate, our crew has you covered. Each and every demolition we conduct is carefully carried out under strict adherence to safety measures, protocols and industry guidelines.

Our professional defit, strip out and demolition services stretch from the far reaches of Sydney’s western suburbs to the shores, the suburbs up north and everywhere in between. No matter if you operate in the CBD, the Sydney Hills, Redfern, Parramatta or the Northern Beaches, Sydney Defit will come to you. We have a wide range of experience in a a variety of different commercial spaces, from small shop fronts to restaurants, warehouses, offices and more. We proudly uphold and guarantee a prompt service for all clientele throughout the entire metropolitan area of Sydney.

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