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Nearing the end of your lease, changing locations or considering a full scale renovation? Our comprehensive defit service is designed to suit a wide range of clientele. A professional defit process ensures the safe removal of all items within your property, from furniture to fixings, equipment, technology and more. Our defit experts work around the clock, with extensive experience in a variety of commercial and industrial settings throughout the Sydney metro area.

Our defit service extends to a large range of commercial settings across Sydney, including:

• Shop Fronts
• Offices
• Restaurants
• Shopping Centres
• Other Small Business Settings

Providing free quotes upfront, Sydney Defit offer you the option for both soft and hard defits, accommodating the individual needs of your business and ultimately, your space. A soft defit involves the removal of loose fixtures, fittings and furniture while a hard defit works to target the permanent features of the property, including floorboards, carpets, cabinets, heating, cooling and more. With expert advice on hand, we will work closely to determine the most suitable defit for you and your situation. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide an affordable service with proven results, allowing you to move forward with a spotless and safe commercial space.

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Our Process

Our defit and strip out service begins with the inspection and detailed planning phase, in order to determine the necessary defit action required. At this stage, we will provide you with a free quote. Once carefully planned, we then begin the process of removing existing furniture, fixtures, dry walls and any other items within the space. Our technicians will also remove ceilings, paint, patchwork, electrical systems, mechanical framework and sprinkler systems, whilst providing safe and eco-friendly recycling strategies for disposable items.


Beyond the removal of visible fixtures, furniture and amenities, commercial operators should always consider their utilities. From electricity to water, heating, cooling and more, it is essential to conduct a safe industry trained disconnection of all utilities associated with the property in question. This is where we come in. Providing you with a safe and sound disconnection service, Sydney Defit’s tradespeople are fully insured and well versed in protocols and industry guidelines within an array of different buildings and commercial settings. If you have any further questions regarding this service, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Why Sydney Defit?

Bond Back Guarantee

Fully covered & insured

Competitive prices

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Why Us?

Helping businesses ‘make good’ every day.

Equipped with a crew of experienced defit professionals, Sydney Defit have serviced countless clients all over Sydney. From small shop fronts to mid-sized office spaces, warehouses and everything in between, allow us to take the stress out of your hands.

With an affordable service carried out in accordance with the latest industry standards and protocols, we’ll work hard to restore your commercial space to its original state. Throughout our many years of operation we have helped countless clients to ‘make good’ on their end of lease requirements, easing the burden of the often stressful process of commercial transition. Our staff are committed to leaving no stone unturned.

Fully Covered and Insured

All defit work conducted by Sydney Defit comes fully insured and covered with total compliance to all of the current industry regulations, guidelines and protocols. We prioritise the safety of both our staff and yours, ensuring that all processes are undertake with state of the art tools and methodology. Should any changes be made to industry practice and regulation, Sydney Defit staff are constantly reminded and subsequently trained in prompt fashion.

No one wants to end their lease agreement on the wrong foot. Unfortunately, many tenants fall victim to unforeseen costs and contract breaches, primarily stemming from their inability to ‘make good’ prior to handover. If you want to guarantee your money and bond back, the best course of action is to get the help of the professionals.

Sydney Defit are here to help. For countless years we have specialised in comprehensive defits across an array of different commercial and residential environments. Our affordable, trustworthy and prompt citywide service provides you with a simple and easy way to secure your bond money back. In addition to the removal of fixtures, fittings, writing and more, we will also disconnect your utilities in safe and secure fashion.

Helping businesses
‘make good’ every day

Benefits of Our Defit Service

Placing you as our number one priority, Sydney Defit ensures that all clients receive an array of benefits and guarantees for each and every service on offer. Our all in one service will handle everything involved, offering upfront quotes and finishing the job in prompt fashion.

Eliminate potentially dangerous hazards with the help of our electricians, well versed and experienced in the disconnection of light fittings, wiring, fixtures and other utilities.

Our professional defit, strip out and demolition services stretch from the far reaches of Sydney’s western suburbs to the shores, the suburbs up north and everywhere in between. No matter if you operate in the CBD, the Sydney Hills, Redfern, Parramatta or the Northern Beaches, Sydney Defit will come to you. We have a wide range of experience in a a variety of different commercial spaces, from small shop fronts to restaurants, warehouses, offices and more. We proudly uphold and guarantee a prompt service for all clientele throughout the entire metropolitan area of Sydney.

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